Torch fire help

I’ve gotten through assembly, alignment, and running the break in program with no issues. I’m at the torch fire training video and have run into a problem. I can get the torch to fire but once I tell it to stop firing in Mach 3 the torch stops but continues to blow water until I cut the air to the plasma cutter. Also at some point during this process Mach 3 goes into (Not Responding) and I have to close and reopen the program to do anything further. Any suggestions to solve these issues?

Which plasma cutter are you using?

Sorry. Razorweld Cut45

The Razorweld Cut45 has post flow which is used to cool the nozzle down in between cuts. That is normal. Make sure that you have it set to 2T instead of 4T. There is a button on the plasma cutter that allows you to do this.

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I just doubled checked and confirmed thats it’s in T2 status mode.

Ok. I’m not quite sure why mach3 became unresponsive, but it is normal for the torch to postflow for about 10 seconds after the arc extinguishes.

I’d recommend moving onto cutting out your first part and seeing how it goes. Let us know if Mach acts up in the process.

I can’t even get Mach 3 to open now. I’m going to try reinstalling it and running it in demo mode. I bought my license for it on EBay I’m guessing it’s no good even though up until now I’ve had no issues with it.

Any instructions on downloading a fresh copy of Mach? I’ve downloaded it twice now and it shows up as a licensed copy.

I’ve got the demo version of Mach installed now. Still the same issue. I fire the torch and it fires, I tell it to stop and it stops. It’s been blowing air for about ten minutes now and the demo version of Mach says (not responding). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Following this thread. Also when you uninstall mach 3 you need to go through your computer and completely clear it before reinstalling and I also restart computer before I reinstall.

Thanks for the input man. I’ll mess with it more tomorrow. I got pretty frustrated today lol.