Torch fire codes

Crossfire Pro with Hypertherm 85 sync; I get this code. IHS Fail, torch is not in expected initial state
before starting IHS cycle. The IHS indicator light is green. Then when I clear code I get program error:
G code locked out during alarm or jog state. Torch fires in straight cut and passes THC Health check.

Check your wiring something is loose. Light should only be green went torch contacts the plate. Behind the z axis motor most common connection to have problems. Also make sure torch is mounted high enough.

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Like Philip said, the problem is in the IHS system. Either the switch is stuck open or a wire is disconnected/broken.

The IHS system is a switch that is normally closed until the torch touches the metal and opens the switch. The"expected state" at the start of a cut is for the circuit to be closed. If the IHS green light is on, the circuit is open and will cause that error at the start of the program.

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Thanks, it was the ground wire behind the Z axis motor