Torch doesnt fire while running G-Code in Mach3

We are experiencing the following issue:

We set up the table, razorweld 45, nozzle, tips, level the table, everything exactly how we were when the crossfire was working. I import the .tap file the same exact way I was doing it before. We set the steel up on the table. I jog the torch to make sure the computer is connected. It works fine. I turn the razorweld on. Then when i start the program to cut steel, The torch moves how the .tap file specifies but the torch doesnt fire. My question is, how do i fix that?

Given how new we are to plasma cutting, Its not clear what we should do … whether we need a relay switch (dont know what that is) or a different machine (we bought this one 2 months ago) or if the settings in mach3/fusion 360 are incorrect (we cut multiple plates before and i started from scratch twice).

The torch works manually, also. But having a non precise cutting tool in our shop is mostly useless.

If you hit the manual torch fire button in mach 3 will it fire the torch?

If not, try unplugging the cnc cable that plugs into the front of the torch. Disconnect the torch from power for all of this. Check the two pins in there for continuity with a meter. A connection means torch fire, no connection means no torch fire.

Try taking the cover off the brain of the crossfire and checking continuity from the end of the above mentioned cable to where it connects inside to make sure there are no breaks in the cable.

After that, unplug the 2 connectors on the inside that feed into that cable port. Check the connection on them. If the connection doesn’t change when you try to fire the torch from the computer then it’s probably a relay or something else in the brain. You can trace to the relay and figure out which pins fire the torch and see if they light up when you try to fire the torch.