Torch does not engage

i just got the machine i ran the break in program no problems. i used a design from fireshare set it up and then ran it. All the motors worked and the test run ran just fine. Went to cut but no torch. if i manually engge the trigger it cuts but not during the prgram.

Are you getting any errors in fire control?

none the program runs fine

The program continues to run without the torch firing?

yes it will run the entire program without firing

What cutter are you using?

razorcut 45 hand torch

Does your crossfire have the Z axis and THC or do you set the height manually?

Can you take a pic of your setup? You may have to make a few more posts… and you will be limited to how many posts you can do your first day.

@mransiate welcome to the forum!

ok will do thanks

ok…the pictures needed and the information is the following…

  • how do you hve the torch on/off wired?
  • what software are you using for post processing