Torch cutting voltage (2.1 MB)

Ok trying to make my first cut and the window pops up saying torch started moving before cutting voltage was sensed… what did I do wrong??? Help lol

we need some information to help…
what post processor are you using Sheetcam or fusion360 or something else?
crossfire pro with THC or regular crossfire?

what is your piece delay set in your program?

@toolboy For the post processor im using fusion 360 and im running the pro with the THC.
The pierce delay is set to -10 -1 to +10 +1

first I do not know much about con-Fusion360…so I can not help there…
but in your program you can set you pierce delay inside the program…it need to be 0.5 on the average to work.
the pierce delay you are showing me is the one you adjust in Fire Control…once the program is running

ok yeah in Fusion the pierce delay is set to .5

Do you have your THC box hooked up correctly? What plasma? That would be first on the list to check bc unless its a hypertherm that is factory set to the voltage dividing that the THC uses, you may have to look into that. Some more pics or info on your setup will help.

Second, make sure the wire on the Z axis are hooked up and make sure all your wires in box are hooked in tight.

In FC can you see in the upper portion of the program the box that shows THC connected lit up in green? What version of FC are you running?

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@directioneast Yes sir went thru and double checked all my connections, unplugged them and then plugged them back in. Checked the THC box to make sure the plugs were in the right order. I am running the razor weld 45. Air is hooked up to the back of the machine, ground clamp is plugged into the front and clamped to the table to complete the circuit. THC is lit up in the FC app, not showing any voltage in the THC control section of FC.

@Freedom - having read through a number of post, most say to clamp to the material and not the table.

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absolutely…always clamp to the workpiece…

ok so could that be what is causing the torch not to fire and giving that warning?

The THC measures the voltage in the plasma stream. I suspect that there could be some impedance between the ground and positive that various issues might arise.

and this would also cause Fire Control to show no voltage?

try with clamping to material to rule it out. :slight_smile:

@Casper Ok I have finally got it to fire handheld but wont fire the other way… guessing its the trigger wires??? (2.6 MB)
this is how it is wired inside the razor weld per the instructions…

Curious, Can you double check wiring?

I actually had to move it from the divider port to the torch on off port in order to get it to fire

@Casper Ok the torch fires with the trigger pressed but will not fire in Fire Control. I can fire the torch handheld and start the run and it still says that the torch started moving before cutting voltage was detected…

I cut alot of steel every week, yesterday I had 1200 pierces. I don’t clamp to work piece. I have hypertherm with cnc port etc, plug and play. I don’t know much about razor. Also make sure the wires going into the THC are in the proper manner.

@directioneast yepp your right the clamp has nothing to do with where it is placed in order to fire. im just stuck on why it wont fire thru the fire control program