Torch cutting tool path

So I just received and set up my crossfire. To test my new toy, I downloaded a Gfile from fireshare to cut (labeled “cut ready”). Everything was cutting great then I noticed that the torch was cutting the tool path (blue line on screen in fire control). Then I noticed that the torch wasn’t cutting at times. The torch may not be cutting due to me connecting the ground cable to the water table and not the stock I was cutting. Any advise on the blue line cutting?

Too many variables to be able to answer this. Post some pictures and the file you chose.

Here is the file I downloaded for my first cutting project. (169.8 KB)

On the firecontrol visulizer the pattern to be cut was shown in orange. The blue line which I’m assuming is the path the torch travels from point to point also cut in addition to the orange lines.

Hopefully this helps.

I have also taken this screen shot to show the blue line I was refering to.

So is your torch shutting off at all between cuts?


If your torch has the infamous 2T/4T switch… You’ll want to set it to 2T for CNC use…

First thing that comes to mind…

See here also----> Intermittent Torch Firing - Troubleshooting Guide


The torch is shutting off between cuts.

Thank you. It does have 2T/4T switch. I’ll try it with it switched to 2T.

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