Torch cutting first cut then shutting off

Razorweld 30 trying to cut out the punisher skull out of 14 guage steel.
Machine completes the cut out of the eye and moves onto the nose, completing it as well, then fells to fire to cut the rest of the tool path as it continues going over the complete path with out cutting.

.5 pierce delay
Razorweld 30 wired for 220 volt
large compressor capable of 18 cfm at 90
multiple dryers and, air is clean.

2T mode on the front panel?

Yes, I’ve double checked that.

Same issue I experienced with the 45, did you remove the resistor on the plasma cutter? The 30 had some issue with not firing

I have not. I’ll read up on that at lunch if I have time. Did that resolve your issue?

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Unfortunately the 45 doesn’t have that resistor so there wasn’t a fix for my Machine, then the torch just quit working. RW is sending me a new torch but I went with another plasma cutter and will be selling the RW unit.

I’ve had no problems with the cutter just using it around the shop instead of using the grinder or chop saw.

I think it was a capacitor. A search on resistor won’t find the thread.

Here’s the link. It was a cooldown capacitor they added to some earlier 30s.

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Ahhhh that’s right James, thanks for clarifying

Check to be sure the electrode isn’t loose

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Thanks, I bought my Razorweld 30 from you in the spring of this year. It has worked great!

Just figuring stuff out on this table. I knew there would be learning curve and I’m a slow learner!

I removed the capacitor and she seems to be running just great now!

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Great news. Now to have some fun :slight_smile:

so your would start cutting the stop fireing but still run like its fireing so if I remove mine that will fix it

Hi All,

I just got my table set up and did all of the proper mods to my vipercut 30, including removing the capacitor. I am still having issues with the air not turning off between cuts. The first cut does well, the second misses, the third does well and so on. It seems the vp30 turns off the air after some cuts but not all cuts… I did try using the vp30 before removing the capacitor and the first cut would do well and then nothing after that as the air would continue to be on throughout the rest of the program, so it seems removing the capacitor has helped somewhat but not totally solved the issue. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

OH BOY—ROOKIE MISTAKE, I had the VP on 4T mode instead of 2T, Disregard above…thanks, I’m sure I’ll be back!

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So is this capacitor on the underside? do you have a better description of where I can find this capacitor? I’ve look and really not sure where to start.

Scroll back up about 8 replies and see the picture posted. Take off the cover on your plasma cutter and see if your model looks like this inside.