Toolpath Shows Wide White Path

I have been practicing CAM in F360.
I have created plasma cutters in the local/library with kerf widths according to Hypertherm cut charts and using nozzle diameter suggested by Langmuir at 1 inch.
Problem is when I generate a toolpath the cutting path shows as a very wide white path instead of the kerf width.
Something simple I’m missing.
Any suggestions?

It was the update in the September that screwed up the visual for the simulator.

If you change the nozzle diameter to the same as the kerf width then it’ll show in the simulation properly.

For some reason after the update it shows the nozzle diameter taking material out of the work in the simulator.

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OK, that shows the toolpath cut and the simulation more to my understanding.
Much Appreciated.
I assume I will have to use a cutting tool with the nozzle size back to the 1 inch value as suggested by Langmuir for another cutting profile that will actually be used for the post process and loading into FireControl.
Is that correct?

I think the nozzle diameter comes into play with keep nozzle down feature.

But I’ve always been a little unsure of the interplay between these features.

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