Toolpath selection, not sure where to begin

Hesitant to post this because I know that it has been covered many times, but I am new to this and searching for the exact thing I am looking for usually yields a result just a little bit different than what I need. So I apologize for my ignorance on this subject.

Frist question-I see that many people suggest Sketch Checker…I dont even know if it would help me, but doesnt appear it is available as an app/add-on from Autodesk. Can anyone confirm?

Secondly-Searched previous posts and worked thorugh closing all segments…I think. So hopefully that is not an issue.

Third-This file started out as a jpeg and converted…so I dont know if thats an issue.

Fourth-I seem to be grasping toolpath selections for things that I create, but other file types that are imported/converted, mainly pictures, are really difficult to deal with…is this normal.

Here is the file I am dealing with. I understand that some points are going to drop out when cut, so I may do multiple layers, but my main issue is just selecting a toolpath, I am not sure where to start.

Big Brawler Beards.f3d (630.4 KB)

Here you go.


@Cyoung Let see what you have going on here,
I ll live stream soon.

7am pst ish.

In the video I find a arch terminating at a acute angle at the intersection of the i dot and body that was causing the issue about the (13min mark) by using the divide the conquer method. I repaired the issue then go on to develop the CAM.

Attached is a modded f3d file

Big Brawler Beards tin mod.f3d (2.3 MB)


You actually are not too bad with contours but you have infinite loops: Sort of like a circle within a circle within a circle. Tin will show you.

Edit: But I really want to compliment you on your presentation of your issue. You did exactly what we hope: If you don’t really know how to explain your issue, gives us an example. By sharing the f3d file you make it so much easier. Tin is, no doubt, preparing a cup of delicious Earl Grey tea right now.


That is awesome. I learned more in that 27 minutes than I have in a month scouring the web for generic F360 videos. Again, very new to this, so the divide method will be very helpful. Thanks for taking the time!

I am sure it wont be the last you hear/see from me.


TinWhisper is a Fusion savant. He also has more plasma related manuals than the Library of Congress.


In addition to Tins videos, I’ve gotten some great tips from watching Tyler Beck stuff.

Tyler Beck of Tech & Espresso - YouTube


You are right, that is the other guy that seems practical for real applications.

NYCNC is a great guy to watch on Youtube. A lot of videos out there are the old Fusion format. If it says CAM instead of Design it a old video. Most of the stuff is the same but some is not.