Toolpath not using the whole line

i created a toolpath for the attached file but it looks like its not simulating that its going to cut the entire line like its laid out (see red outline). any suggestions?

Looks like the piece that you want it to cut is to narrow to fit the kerf

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Will editing the kerf size to a lower value “fool” it into adjusting the toolpath? I have it set to .6 only because I followed the Langmuir tutorial… not sure what it really should be.

Usually you would want to do test cuts to determine your kerf width so your parts come out the right size. Until you know that you can’t cut accurate parts. For art I guess this is less important. You could try that and see if it works but I suspect that the real kerf width might make that part come out as a blown out hole because your plasma arc could have to much width and you’re putting 2 side by side there. you could also alter the design so those narrow parts are just a single line and the kerf will make it look natural.

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Sounds a bit large. I have mine set @ .045, thought the Langmuir vid’s had the Kerf set @ .055. In short yes you can mess with the settings and try to fool it. Search the forum for your make of plasma cutter and Kerf size and see what others are using.