Tooling for the ArcFlat table

I ordered two of the table tops yesterday for my garage fabrication shop/business.
I’m curious where people are sourcing tooling: stops, pins, clamps, etc.

My previous (current) table top is a 7/8" thick aluminum plate
that I’ve drilled some 5/8" holes in for drop-in clamps
which I made by welding Harbor Freight clamps to 5/8" bolts.
I might make more of them and commission them for this table,
but I’m also curious what other options are out there.

StrongHand has a really impressive lineup of tooling,
but the only pricing I can find is for the big packages like the Rhino Cart.
Their website only provides a catalogue to show you what they make
without providing prices anywhere.

Grainger (a little pricey)

They all have clamps and stops and such. Standard 5/8" or 16mm accessories should work. There’s a decent collection of YouTube videos of people making their own because it really seems ridiculous to spend $35 on a clamp that if you do some welding and have some 5/8" stock or bolts you can turn a regular Bessey
clamp into a Bessey welding clamp replica :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice, thanks.

Fireball Tool sells tooling for this stuff as well, and has a 10% off coupon blackfriday until Monday.

I’ve made some of those DIY clamps with Harbor Freight clamps and they work well.
We had a 5x10 Dimmeler/Bluco table with 22mm holes at my last job
and a rack with like $10k in tooling, so I’m hoping for some scaled-down versions of that stuff,
which includes things like clamps that are adjustable laterally as well as vertically.
Odds are I’ll end up making a bunch of my own stuff,
but it’s nice to get a few nice things to help seed the fab process, y’know?
Like a single nice pair of blacksmith tongs can greatly help you make more tongs.

Definitely. I have a few bought fixtures so I know things are square when I make other things. Same reason I didn’t buy a standard flat pack tab & slot “build your own fab table” package. You can’t get better precision than what you’re building on and I don’t have a table that’s flat to 3 decimal points.

The DIY dog hole clamps I made from cheap 5/8" bolts
and cheap Harbor Freight clamps
are working really well in this table.

They did not work very well in the 5/8" holes I put in my 7/8" thick aluminum plate,
but the 3/8" thick iron is holding them much better.


would love to see the other end of your clamps…the threaded rod / bolt end



I was kinda thinking the same thing…but I was more like ^^$((&%^$%@#

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You mean the part that goes into the dog hole?
It’s just a bog standard 5/8” bolt.

I’ve got some 5/8” shoulder bolts I’m going to use for the next batch
as they’re closer to the nominal size of the hole
so there is less slop.


Any news on when the kit from Langmuir Systems will be available?