Tool path not showing in Mach 3

I make the part, and the tool path in fusion looks appropriate, but when I load the g-code into Mach 3, only a small part of it shows, like part of a letter, and it will only cut that too. I thought it may be because I’m using the free version of Mach 3 but not sure. It’s a small sign with 7 letters in a stencil don’t.

Any ideas?

Yep its because it not registered. It surpassed the 500 free lines

i guess ill be buying a license then… lol

Im having the same problem. If it was a license problem I feel like more people would have asked this question. My tool path works perfect in Fusion then only about half shows up in Mach 3.

License cured the problem for me

If you open the editor in post processing, you can scroll and see all the lines of code. Was an eye opener for me to see how a very small project could equal a few thousand lines of code

I’m an idiot thanks. Bought the license and we’re all good now.

Shoot man, I was where you are just a couple days ago… :joy:

Well, I may be having the same problem. I just went through my first setup for a simple “WELDING SHOP” sign off of Fireshare. The simulation looks good in Fusion, but I only get “DING” when I load the code into Mach 3. Is this really the line code limit of the basic Mach3 software?

Yeah man, 500 lines is not much at all, I’ve done a few very simple signs and ended up with 3-4 thousand lines of code.

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