Tool path inside, not outside

Hello all, on some projects I cant seem to get the tool path to run around the outside of my part. I have tried all kinds of crazy settings, but to no avail. Most parts work fine if outside and inside cuts, but single path parts are a problem. Any insight here would be helpful.

Thanks Larry

I am still VERY new at this software myself, but I believe one solution would be to make an initial sketch with just your perimeter/overall piece of metal, then start a new sketch for the interior cutouts. You should then be able to make separate tool paths using the “Always Outside” on the perimeter sketch and inside on the 2nd sketch.

One thing to always try and do is to upload your drawing (if you can) that way people can open it and see what’s going on.

Are your arrows correct when picking you geometry?

Sounds good. Next time will upload drawing. I believe I figured it out. I was creating a tool path from a sketch and not the finished part. When I extruded the sketch and created a path, Fusion 360 did the right thing as verified by the simulation function.

Will extrude parts in future if this is an issue when making the tool path.

Thanks for your help.