Tool library preset?

Upon setting up my cam portion of my drawing, when I select my tool it automatically imports the cut speed that I have preset into settings when I imported the data for that tool.
Where is the best place to preset different material thickness, lead in/out, etc. So I don’t have to refer to my chart every time and manually type this info in?

Go to the Tool Library in the Manufacture Workspace. Select your tool and then edit, on the Cutting Data tab you can add as many different Cutting Data titles as you want with different feed rate settings by clicking the plus sign in the left column. You access these later when you select your tool for the tool path, the different Cutting Data Titles will be available for selection in the bottom pane.

Unfortunately, there are no presets for the lead-in and lead-out parameters. Those are populated with default numbers when you open the 2D profile for the tool path. The defaults can be changed by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the field when you hover your mouse, but these will not change with different tool selection.

There is actually.

When you’re done completing a toolpath the way you like it with the tools you like it if you right click on the toolpath at the bottom of that list they’ll be something to the effect as save as template.

This template will contain all your lead in and lead out and sideways compensation and most information available in the 2D profile menu including your tool.

And then in the future if you want to use these presets right click on your setup and go to create template or from template I can’t remember the exact wording.

For instance I particular ones for small geometry or single line geometry 14 gauge which includes tooling and all the 2D profile menu presets.

I’ve been lacking on my live streams lately maybe I’ll do one specific to templating in the manufacturing environment to Fusion 360.


Yep. I stand corrected. I hadn’t used the template function before. Just tried it and it’s “Store as Template” to save and “Crete from Template” on the Setup. Thanks @TinWhisperer

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I think the next time I stream I’ll cover it again.

I’ve streamed it it in the past, it is super useful.

It’s just not a technique for beginners.

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Are you calling me a beginner? How dare y… Just kidding.

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I still consider myself an amateur.

Just implying that I don’t talk about it or cover it that much, 99% of what I do is basic workflow concepts.

But it looks like it’s time to make a few intermediate videos.

I’ll work through it on the live stream a few times and then put together a Polished video to post on YouTube.

I talk about templating in fusion 360 cam.

If @langmuir-aksel could please add the


file extension to the “allowed” uploads the we can start experimenting with sharing these template between users.
(they are included in the fd3 information so it still may be shared that way too)

This templating will also be useful for MR-1 or mill users.

template example file.f3d (211.2 KB)

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Why is that?

I feel there are so many other techniques beginners should learn and master before using the create template feature.

But nothing stopping them incorporating it into their workflow.

Fusion 360s complicated enough to begin with, I figure this is maybe a piece of the puzzle they can skip till later.


Thank you so much! I just found and created some templates, but couldn’t figure out how to use them :face_with_monocle: Couldn’t find it on Google. The answer, of course, was here on the forum! In the setup pull down menu… Doh!

Makes it so much easier! This will save so much time!