Tool library Fusion 360

I am new to the forum and Fusion 360. None of the tutorials have the same tool library and none of them work for loading the Razorcut 45… I downloaded 360 a couple weeks ago… I am doing well with everything else except for the tool library…
Is there a special way to enter the cutter?
If anyone has this latest version of 360 I would sure appreciate some guidance. Thanks… p.s. I am in the process of getting my Crossfire XL put together, so I am very new at this… thanks again, John W

Welcome to the forum! I’ve moved this to the Fusion 360 CAM category as it seems as if it fits best there.

Thanks, being new I was not sure where to go with it… JW

I can go over creating a few tools in fusion 360 the next time I get down to my computer.

I’ll do it on the live stream.

What materials do you plan on cutting? I might as well use examples that are the same as what you plan on using.

Are you using the razorweld cut charts in the Forum?

I will be cutting 14 gauge, I have quite a bit of it… yes, I am using the cut chart from the forum… thanks very much… fusion 360 is kicking my rear end but I am not going to let it beat me… thanks again, John W.


I’ll be putting my kids to bed in about 45 minutes and should be able to live stream by about 7:45 to 8:00 p.m. Pacific standard Time.

It’s a very worthwhile investment in time and money.
In my opinion it’s the future of CAD and CAM when it comes to developing , virtually testing and manufacturing “all things”.


Cool of you to go to the effort of producing such a detailed, helpful answer!

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Thank you so much for that help, it highlighted several things I was doing wrong. I appreciate the time and effort you took to help me out. Thanks again… John W.

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is there a way that you could post a video? i am trying to add my primeweld cut60 to my tool list and i dont think i am doing it correctly.

i am also brand new, just downloaded it today and trying to get going.

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I can run through creating a few different tools and fusion 360 for you.
Probably be faster to do a new video than to try to find the old one and my hard drive and post it.

I’ll read back over this topic and start a live stream soonish .

@Bobby what material thicknesses will you be using did you have any specific charts you’re looking at?

i will be using 18ga - 1/4" mild steel and aluminum.
i havent been looking at charts yet as i just got my new plasma cutter and the table shipped ( so they say). just kinda looking for help with setup i guess for the tool library.

I’m going to have to do it a little later, I’m not feeling up to it now.

no worries, if you get around to it just give us a heads up on a time. that way i dont miss it. :smiley: