Tonights project, little plate crane

Tonights project, I needed to be able to store metal for the table, move it around and load the table. So a poor defenseless cherry picker was sacrificed​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. (A plate clamp is in the mail! I promise​:grimacing::grimacing:)
I have a video of it working but it wont let me load it…


Wish more people would post up their projects.

That’s quite the extension on that cherry picker. Nicely done. Such an awkward thing to try and move without hurting yourself.

Last 16 gauge 4x10 sheet maneuvering nearly killed me. I’m in the market for this kind of solution but don’t have the space. I’m thinking of welding up a little cart that I can roll around and cut off of. Or just pay my supplier to deliver it to me in thirds.

I like it! It looks like it works quite well. I think that if I was to make one I would end up using much shorter legs out front and adding ballast opposite the picker arm. This design alteration would be driven by the tight quarters that I’ll have in my garage space though.