To lubricate or not to lubricate?

Not sure if this is going to be a dumb question or a legitimate question but do you need to use lubricants on the drive screws in the table?

Not a dumb question. Eventually, you will want to lubricate and it is a good practice to have it part of your routine. You will get some absolutely terrible cutting situations if you ignore it.

Most (or at least many) use a silicone spray. If the lead screws are really getting cruddy, clean well with water and air then give a good coating of silicone spray. Some use WD-40 or other light oil. I spray mine down after each day I use the table and put it away. It might be a month before I use the table so I don’t want it sitting with crud on it for the length of time and expect it to run well when I cut again.

Even the z-screw needs lubrication: just be careful to not get it on the contacts of the IHS system. Just moderate attention is necessary…it is not a crisis. You can clean the contacts later, but as you know, silicone can be resistant to being cleaned off things.

Last note about silicone: don’t let it get on a part that you plan to paint!

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I really like sewing machine oil…it is super light…clear…
3 years never any issues with gumming up or discolouration…
I clean and lube the table often…

Like they say…
Cleanliness is next to Godliness…and I need all the help I can get…


I use silicone spray as Jim suggested. I spray it on a rag and hold the rag lightly against the screws while jogging cutter.

One thing about lubes used on just about anything, they will collect dirt which can increase wear. Once you start using them, you need to regularly do the reverse, meaning cleaning off the lube and re-applying it.


Thank you everyone for the quick responses

I used to use silicone spray but I found it didn’t last as long as a basic penetrating oil. With the factory screws I oiled quite a bit when it was new but I really just oiled every couple months the last couple years. I switched to a new lead screw and it kept jamming up all the time and I thought I had something out of alignment. I just oiled it a bunch every couple cuts and it’s been great ever since. Dry definitely can jam them up.


I have used silicone spray and 3in1 oil. If I remember correctly @ds690 and @rat196426 use 3in1 oil.

I think @TinWhisperer has used both silicone and 3in1 oil.

I don’t have an opinion as to which is best. Hopefully they can chime in.

After I finish cutting a wipe the lead screws and gantry with WD40 and then lube before each use. I sometimes go weeks or months between use tho.

3 in 1 is the recommended lube. I actually use 2.5w suspension oil, because I have a bunch of it and no longer need it for suspension use. It hasn’t caused any problems in the last 2 years.



This stuff has worked very well for my lead screws. It’s dry graphite, so it won’t “grab” any dirt. Ensure you CLEAN your screws (with acetone or something) before applying it. Also, put a rag behind the screw while applying, it will turn whatever is behind it black, obviously.

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Yes, I use 3and 1 oil and wd-40 on my crossfire pro and on my XR table. I fill the ballnuts on My XR table with Lucas oil treatment.

I used grease on my lead screws and in the felts on my XR as I had a tub for wheel bearings of vehicles in the garage and I have had no issues whatsoever so far. Initially I think I packed to much and it was binding up a little. I can also see it being an issue for some with extremely cold temps. I do also like the idea of using a dry film lube or graphite so if I ever have any issues with my grease I will switch to one of those. Pretty certain this is the one I have Grease

Thanks for the advice