To Assemble or not

so boxes started to show up this week, seem like I have everything but my plasma cutter and machine torch holder.that being said, do I wait for those to show up or can I still assemble my table without having to stop or have any issues? thank you.

You’re good to start spinning screws. The machine torch holder and cutter can be done separately without much heartache if any. IIRC I did my table and then took a few weeks of a break before I even opened my plasmas box.


I just got mine together and running a couple days ago. The Plasma cutter and torch holder were the last things I installed, so I would say “go for it”!!


How much longer did you guys get your plasma cutter in after you got your table?

My Razorweld45 actually came in about 2 weeks before anything else did. The last items to come in were the table itself and the machine torch mount took the longest.