Titanium 65 wiring

I just looked at the manual and pins 3 & 4 are used for turning the arc on/off. Unfortunately, the divided voltage pins are 20:1 and there are no raw voltage pins. This means that you will have to open the machine up and connect to raw voltage inside, since the THC requires either 50:1 divided voltage or raw voltage.


Thank you very much for the information. I looked in the manual I didn’t see that so thank you. I was gonna open it up this morning and do raw voltage. I will let you all know what happens.

the best place for the raw voltage is always right at the lugs where the cables leave the plasma case

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Here is the manual.

That’s a pretty interesting unit.

The backside of 4 and 11 is where these lugs will be located. And you could use the CNC port
(3&4) for your trigger firing or you can splice into the two wires behind socket 11.

I’m not sure what kind of Arc voltage that CNC Port is putting out whether it’s 50 to 1 or what it is I didn’t see it in the manual. ?

The wiring diagram does not show the torch circuit for some reason the manual.

Pretty bold statement to say that it rivals and wins against cut Master 58

Well the Cutmaster is made by Esab in China need I say more.

And you know they over state the spec’s anyway.

This is also on the page.
Note: Specifications are approximate and subject to change

I’m fairly certain that 12 & 14 are the “OK to move” signal. 3 & 4 are the torch fire pins. The divided voltage is 20:1

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Yes I obviously read that wrong.

I’ll go back and edit that

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@JFab ,

The HF in my area does not have a 65 in stock.

Can you post a picture of the torch and consumables.

OK… that thing works awesome… I was able to hook it to the high voltage very easy to find easy to find and wire up. It is replacing my Miller spectrum 375. I had seemed to always be having problems with that and when it came time for consumables I would always have to order them Now I can just go down to Harbor freight if I need some In a pinch. Somebody asked to post pictures of the consumables. I’m not at home right now but I will when I get there

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I have the titanium 45 with machine torch on my crossfire pro and has been a great plasma cutter for 3 years now. Hopefully that Titanium 65 will work as well for you, you should look to see if anybody offers a machine torch for it.


I cut a bunch of stuff with it last night. Wow im very impressed for something many people consider a junk brand. Only changed the tip out once. Cutting 16 ga at 25amps with a speed of 60ipm. Dross was not bad either.


Hey do you possibly have a link for that $75 cable?

@Wabashoby The CPC Port cable that langmuir offers is for the hypertherm PowerMax systems.

I don’t believe they make a cable for any other unit besides the razor weld.


Just got the 65 and am trying to get my table set up for the first time. I’ve read and re read the thread but still am not sure what wires to hook up where. Is there a way you could take some pictures I could reference hooking mine up? Thanks!

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JFab do you have any pictures of how to wire this? I am a 100% rookie and have zero idea on what you guys are talking about. Thanks!

@rat196426 would you be so kind either send some pictures how to hook up my titanium 65 to my Langmuir XR table . I would appreciate the help .

Did you ever get those pictures you requested to hooking up your titanium 65 to your plasma table ?

HF Titanium 45 raw connection for THC

Try this one.

I don’t know if the Titanium 45 is the same as 65? I have the 45 on my pro table without THC.

I have not yet.