Titanium 65 - not supported?

I recently ordered my very first plasma cutting table (CrossFire XL) and was planning on purchasing the Titanium 65 since it has the CPC port on it… However, I noticed that the Langmuir site provides a long list of plasma cutters that are not supported due to High Frequency emissions that can cause damage to the system… The Titanium is on that list… Should I stay clear of it?

Also, I would like to get a machine torch (set and forget) and use the handheld torch without disrupting my setup. Can someone provide a part number and location where I could purchase it?


the cnc port wont work as you need a 50:1 signal. The 65 only has a 20:1. You’ll have to connect it to RAW voltage from inside the cutter.

for the price of the cutter, i think you’re better off with either a primeweld cut60 or an everlast cutter. Plus you get a better warranty with those.


By the time you buy the titanium 65 and then a machine torch for it you can buy a brand new Hypertherm powermax 45 xp for 350 dollars more. I have the titanium 45 w/plasmadyn machine torch and my XR table I have the Hypertherm powermax 45 XP.


What Richard said. I too have the Titanium 45, although if I didn’t already own it when I purchased my CF Pro I would have seriously looked at the Hypertherm simply for the buy once cry once reliability and proven performance. It’s what my Titanium wants to be when it grows up.



I must be missing something… When looking into the Hypertherm powermax 45 xp (assuming I purchase through Langmuir), everything I need would cost $2,775. However, the Titanium 65 would cost $1,100 (with coupon), plus the machine torch (assume $300), plus the torch mount ($75)… this would be $1,475.

This equates to a $1,300 difference… Can you help me understand how you arrived at $350 more?

Thanks in advance for your insight…

And it’s worth every penny of extra money you spend on it.

The hypertherm is a beautifully constructed machine.

And overtime will pay for itself with uptime, consumable costs and reduced operating costs.

And the Everlast is a great runner-up.

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I am thinking the machine torch is around 700 for the titanium 65 and cost of machine is 1350 with tax here. Regardless the Hypertherm is the best choice, have used Hypertherm for 40 years off/on hand cutting always outperformed any other brand machines I have used.
I have the Titanium 45 on my pro table been great cutter for the money, but it won’t hold up to 8 hours of cutting every day.

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