Titanium 45a Plasma Cutter Torch Set Up

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Currently I am using a Titanium 45a Plasma Cutter and as I am working in Sheetcam would like to become more specific with my tool settings, such as pierce delay and feed rate. I notice other plasma cutters have torch setups in their manuals, offering specifics like this. I am having a hard time finding this information for my Titanium. Would anyone have some resource recommendations?

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Curtis any luck on information? I am also having the same issue.

Here is some of my settings guys. YOU might have to tweak a little do to air supply. what torch and what internal air pressure is set on your titanium machine. I set my internal machine air pressure to 75 psi. cuts great after hours of adjusting cut speeds, pierce delays and air pressure.
make sure you have dry air supply to cutter and good water trap and filter( look at my setup) works great.
16 gauge steel. 195 imp. .9 second delay at .05 cut height. plunge rate 60 imp.
11 gauge steel .155 imp .9 .05 60
3/16" steel 75 imp 1.second .05 60
1/4" steel 53 ipm 1.3 .05 60
1/2" steel 24 ipm 1.3 .05 60
The air supply to outside of cutter is 110 psi. When you take cover off plasma machine you will see the internal air pressure regulator. Turn the top of regulator adjustment clockwise 1 to 1 1/2 turns to increase torch air pressure.

One more setting I left out . I cut everything with cutter set at 45 amps…

Thank you very much. For me the air supply adjustment could be the key for me getting better.

Air Supply?? Did someone say Air Supply ??!!

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rat196426- what torch are you using in the picture above? I’m still using the original that came with the titanium

X45 bought from Plasmadyn, I have had it for over two years now no problems with it.

I finally am converting over to the plasmadyne machine torch. Besides the regulator adjustment, do you still use the Titanium post processor?

if you are only changing the torch head…then it is no different from the hand torch…post processing has nothing to do with the torch head.

Thank you for your quick response. I didn’t think it did but figured I’d ask.