TITAN 25T webpage is LIVE!

Hey Everyone,

We’re excited to announce that the webpage for the TITAN 25T CNC PRESS BRAKE is NOW LIVE! You can find under the “Products” tab of our website’s home page.

The Titan 25T page contains a lot of useful information about the machine, including specs, FAQ’s, photos, and a video of the 25T in action!

A $500 refundable pre-order deposit will be available on January 15th at 10 AM (Central Time). Titan 25T machines begin shipping in May 2024. Orders are shipped in the order that they are received on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that a missed pre-order on Launch Day will likely result in a mid-2025 delivery window. You can subscribe to the Titan 25T mailing list to stay informed.

As always, feel free to reach out to our team via the Forum or support@langmuirsystems.com if you have any questions!


We are excited to get ours !

@langmuir-reilly When do you think the die types and prices will be available ?

We can’t commit to any specific dates for the availability of die types and prices, but they will be available at time of machine shipment. I’ll be sure to post on the Forum when they are!


Several of us have already ordered the machine from the PRI trade show. How can I add the add-ons to this existing order?

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Go ahead and send an email to support@langmuirsystems.com, Amanda or Mia will help you get the add-ons in the order!


Thanks, I emailed Amanda.

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Hi, first post/ reply so hope I’m doing this correctly. I’m very interested in purchasing the titan, looks like it’s perfect size for products I mainly make. QUESTION: I see in the pricing it says “+ freight shipping to
contiguous USA only.” Does this mean that the product is not offered to Canada? I don’t want to place a preorder and not be able to receive it

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Welcome to the Forum!

All of our products that ship via freight are exclusive to the contiguous Unites States (i.e. the “lower 48”). If an international address is your final delivery location, you are welcome to use an international freight forwarder simply by using their contiguous US delivery location as your shipping address.

That said, keep in mind that the machine’s warranty does not extend outside of the contiguous US. Should any issues arise, we would work on a case-by-case basis to reach a solution. Technical support would still be provided as usual, but there’s no guarantee that we would be able to ship replacement components. A general rule of thumb is that if a component can be delivered via standard parcel/mail services, there’s a good chance it would be sent as if it were covered under warranty.


Thanks! I think I mainly understand…. I’m not super concerned about warranty, as long as someone on your end will communicate and walk me through issues, that’s cool. Much of my other machinery is from oem China factories so I’m fine with solving problems etc……
as for freight stuff…. I have ltl freight companies who I often use , so I can easily arrange a pickup from your Wear house and have item brokered I’m not sure if this is being drop shipped from somewhere else so it has to go to a USA address or it can send from your Wear house? Anyways, maybe I can chat privately with someone about all the minor details.

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Did you ever hear back after you mailed them?

Yes, they sent me this response.

Langmuir Systems Help (Langmuir Systems)

Dec 27, 2023, 17:02 PST

Hi John,

We do not have a way to set his up yet! However, I’ve put notes on your order.

Additionally, when it is time to complete your order, I can send you an invoice with all items!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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I will wait till the holidays are over and see if they get back with me.

This has me so excited and exploding with ideas in my shop. One question though. Will there be any extension packages or possibilities to make this bend 48” long bends?

Thank you!

I seriously doubt it. If you look at it. The brake is built around the 33" main support structure.


You can bend longer than the press as long as the bends aren’t deeper than the frame. You just have to have reliefs cut at the maximum so the part doesn’t deform.

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