Tightening torque during assembly

Is there any guidance as to specific torque bolts should be tightened to? I can’t seem to find any specs and would hate to twist one off trying to find the balance between tight enough and too loose :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

My advice would be don’t overthink it. Small bolts can’t take a lot of torque. Is there any specific ones you are thinking about?


Most concerned with the frame bolts that will keep it square in case it’s bumped in the shop. Secondary is probably anything that’s vibration sensitive that could affect accuracy. But that said, you’re probably right - I’m overthinking it - lol. I do a lot of design/mfg with carbon fiber hybrid assemblies and we’re ALWAYS concerned about torque specs there :slight_smile:

Vibration shouldn’t be much of a problem these machines are pretty smooth. Anything can happen tho. I put mine together with a 3/8 ratchet no major torque. Just make sure to use the lock washers where they go. Instructions are very well done for these machines

Don’t overtighten the stantion plate bolts to y axis rails, they will crush in and deform at ends of rail.

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…as Shultz would advise, “Goodandtight” :beers: :rofl:


What did with my table when I put it together was replaced all of the nuts with nylon locking nuts. It cost about $4 and thought it would help if vibration was going to be an issue.

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what lock washers? ireceived regular washers.

May not be any for some reason i was thinking there was some.