Thumbs up Langmuir

My compliments to your assembly video series. Its the best assembly instruction offering I have seen from any company, and surprisingly from a start up. You guys seem to be doing things right on all fronts and I suspect bound for huge growth and success in your future. From my perspective, it appears to be a textbook example of the right way to start a business, from identifying a hole in the marketplace, establishing a business plan, thorough engineering and prototype development, marketing, funding, sourcing, operations/fabrication management, shipping, and customer communication/service. Much of this stems from having the right internal culture where your customer’s overall product and service experience is of paramount importance. There are a few national companies I know of who have somehow maintained a culture of success engrained within thousands of employees for decades. Whether you remain a small closely held private company or are gobbled up by a large multi-national eager to capture your customers or eliminate a threat by sending you guys to a permanent life on the beach, remember what brought your success and do your best to hold on to it.

I suspect Langmuir Systems may be the subject of a Harvard Case Study some day,

Congrats and Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes I agree 100% ! I knew absolutely nothing about CNC, CAD etc. With the tutorial videos and this forum I was up and running smooth in no time.

Thank you Langmuir

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