Throttle Bracket for Fitech LS intake

For CAD Wednesday, I played around in F360 to make a bracket for my intake. Currently the only one that is available is one that bolts behind the TB (it’s a plate, has two gaskets one on each side).

My design mounts to the fuel rails bracket, the cable is a MR Gasket cable and I used the plastic hardware that came with it.

Seriously considering selling those on ebay :slight_smile:


Good looking bracket, nice work!

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Nicely done! Looks better than most throttle brackets that come with the more inexpensive intakes.
I have the FiTech intake on my LS in my c10 build and will eventually need a throttle bracket solution.

That’s pretty awesome, you should jump onto some forums and post them for sale. Seems like easy money, great design and there’s a product vacuum in that application. Nice work!

May be a dumb question but how did you get those bends in different directions. I’m trying to think of how I’d do it in my brake… maybe my perspective is off

Dont think to hard about it :slight_smile:

I have a harbor freight modified bench bender that can handle 14ga or so. I do the big bend in it and then the brkt goes into a vice, and i use a bending plier and “deez guns” (pointing at biceps lol) to do the throttle cable end bend :slight_smile:

I’m wimpy wimpy wimpy so I got the HF 20-ton press and the SWAG Offroad finger brake to do these kind of compound bends :slightly_smiling_face:

“How much ya bench?” (back in the SNL days skits lol)

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