Thourly confused

i have my crossfire pro assembled i have downloaded fusion 360 what next do i download fireshare or anything else? thanks for any help this is all new to me

Download fire control and plug in and run the break in program.

Download the break in program from the downloads screen and load it into firecontrol and hit run.

From there, you can pick files off of fireshare. I’m not sure if they come with tool paths ready to go, I don’t think so.

If you are planning on only using fusion, then I would suggest practicing with a simple 2x2 inch square. Draw it in fusion, create your tool path in fusion, export your g code with fusion. Open the g code (.tap) file in firecontrol and hit cut.

Then expand from there. Unless you can get Goode ready files you’ve got to play some catch up to learn how to design and tool path.