Thoughts on the PrimeWeld CT520DP or Herocut 55i

PrimeWeld Pilot Arc 50A Plasma Cutter, 200A TIG/Stick Welder Combo, Multipurpose Welding Machine for Home or Jobsite Use with 1/2-inch Clean Cut, Plasma Cutter, TIG Welder and Stick Welder, CT520DP

CNC Plasma Cutter, HeroCut55i Dual Voltage 120/240v Non-HF Blowback Pilot Arc Non-Touch IGBT Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine 50Amps 16mm Clean Cut, Max Severance Cut 25mm

Do you 100% need to have non hf blowback or is arc start ok. Is that “European” connector the key? (Not sure if that’s the right terminology sorry) Thanks

No high frequency plasma cutters on the langmuir tables.

Are these both HF?

The herocut is not HF

The hero fits the bill for use with the cf or cf pro? Any thoughts on it for a 1st machine?

The Hero 55i ‘looks like’ the Lotos LTP5500D-CNC ( that I bought at $569 December 2019. I’ve been satisfied with it, absolutely no issues, but haven’t cut anything thicker than 1/4". I think the construction quality of the Lotos is good. Can’t imagine how it could be made the same for $170 less, however.

Thanks for the insight. I pulled the trigger on the herocut. $599 priced on sale for $399. Free return from amazon till January 31st so I have time to test. I’ll post here details so we can compare with th lotos. They do look exactly the same. Even have same exact description pictures for the back.

Think they are both made by Arcsoft or something like that.

Look for my posts on the herocut I bought…it is a great door stop now

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I saw that. Didn’t get to return for a refund or exchange? Sucks. I’ll try it out for the price and return. If not I’ll step up. Wanted the primeweld 60 but those are nowhere to be found. Have a message to the company to see what going on. Was yours the 50 or the 55? Was it the cnc model?

I have reached out several times they do not respond . It did work well for 6 months then nothing

But on amazon? If so pound them.

PrimeWeld Pilot Arc 50A is my first multi-process. I have used MIG for a few years in both personal and industrial settings. This machine so far out of the box is pretty nice in comparison to the more expensive units. I think the gas input is kind of cheesy using a male hose barb versus installing a 5/8” female threaded insert for standard hose connection. Since this unit and most in the same category use either compressed air for plasma cutting or argon for tig welding, the unit has a single port for the gasses. Instead of changing out the lines, I’m considering a 3-way valve to supply whichever gas I need.

So far the pilot arc plasma is cutting ok. I’m new to plasma cutting and I’m sure my technique needs improving. But for residential use, this may very well be my go-to piece of equipment for my projects. It cut through the stainless quickly compared to using abrasive cutters.

Welcome to the forum. Well if your asking the Primeweld 520 will not work on the Langmuir table.

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