This to that-customer provided artwork conversion

I was asked to make a light house sign. I forgot that most people don’t have a clue as to what kind of art to provide so this is what he sent me.

So between using Inkscape and Corel Draw I came out with the following. I use to have a screen printing business so recreating artwork isn’t to bad for me. I like stuff like this because it is original and not the same clip art you see everywhere else.

Corel screen shot

Took about 30-40 minutes I was also talking to my wife when I did it.

Final product after powder coat.


I have a regular customer that sends me 3-4 screen shots a week from his phone that he wants me to make. Some of them are black and white and as easy as bit tracing them in Inkscape and saving as .svg to import for tool code. And others take me an hour or two to recreate or clean up. He understands what type of pictures are “easy” for me to recreate and which I’ll need to charge him a couple hours for. But that’s a rare customer lol. I’m also only willing to do it for him because he buys $1000 of cuts a month from me for his sign making business.

Most tire kickers think I can just whip something up for them to take a look before purchasing, so I don’t advertise that I can create vector files from screen shots. If someone asks, I require a decent deposit first.


I don’t advertise that either. If I have something that needs to be recreated I charge $50 an hour.

I think that’s a reasonable rate. I always tell people if they paid someone else to do the graphic design it would cost double that.

Nice work on the light house btw.

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