This Hobby is more expensive to get into then pinball

So I bought my first langmire CNC plasma machine. I was working on turning a back blade plow into a front tractor plow that attaches to the bucket and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a machine that could make parts perfectly with out having to grind and drill everything by hand. I bought the full crossfire kit …table , razor 45 plasma cutter ,water table got a sheet cam license and figured I’d be set to plug and play…not so fast …while waiting for the machine I ordered an sir dryer for the plasma cutter and all the hoses to hook it up…made a roll around computer workstation and downloaded all the software …inkscape …sheetcam and fire control …chose inkscape because the most you are doing with a plasma cutter is 2D parts and Fusion 360 is a monster program that is (at least for me a bear to learn how to use) and it slows your computer down because it is so intensive …believe me inkscape is a lot easier to use and a lot of great video on youtube to learn it …if you have sheetcam you don’t have to save it in DXF file you can open a .svg file in sheet cam then set up the tool paths then save the gcode and fire it into fire control. I was getting it down, I was proud of water filter and pump set up so I could drain the table after projects to control corrosion. My first three projects were good with minor flaws if any and then last night happened. I was trying to cut the top for a down flow 22 x 22 grinding table…lots of holes…I made a minor mistake…the razor 45 was set to 4T not 2T …the patteren cut out ok but there was a lot of extra cuts in it …the second attempt also failed …after the first few holes the metal warped and then the torch started dragging it around the table needless to say the consumables on the torch were shot after that. It was then I figured that torch height control is really an essential part of this because even a slight wave in the metal can screw up your whole project …hence another 600 bucks was spent…I looked at the water after this fiasco and it was black and I realized the 100 bucks spent on the water retrivial system was a waste…word to the wise …if your not going to use it everyday or not for an extended period of time …drain it …dump it and clean it up …forget about trying to recycle it…if you have the plumbing available auto refill would be nice but not necessary
like anything else worthwhile …welding …learning to play an instrument …etc …I have found that you need time and practise and this is no different
but from what I have seen so far when it works …it’s cool as hell and the langmuir tables …well the engineering is pretty damn good


I wouldn’t mind using Inkscape, but I use Macs and the current version is broken for Ventura, so I’m using Fusion 360.

I used to use Macs but I got fed up with them when they made it tough to get their software …I run all three programs and my machine on a coofun computer similar to this one

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I may run a mini pc just for Firecontrol. I found a few decent touch screens too. No way I’m doing CAD on it though that would drive me nuts.

Affinity Designer 2 is my favorite for macos


I don’t have MacOS, but if you want something as easy as Inkscape, but with better control in dimensioning, Affinity Designer is a good choice and if you do any photo editing at all, the Suite is a sweet deal!


first time I have heard of this looks like it has some easier ways of doing things with designs and and easier way to edit nodes which can be some what cumbersome in inkscape

Interesting perspectives. I like draining my water table and the water looks like new everytime I put it back in the table from the tank. I don’t filter it either. I have a 16 gallon tank, I added sterling cool to the water and it settles out nicely overnight. The water gets pushed back into the table using 3-5 psi of air pressure so no loud pump to malfunction. Depending on where you are draining the table overboard every time could be a real pain the ass. It’s good to have options! :slight_smile:


Tons easier. I have mine set up with a grid that snaps nodes into place when I need accuracy. Files that would choke Inkscape are a breeze in Affinity. I have some tutorials on my workflow on my you tube channel. But I haven’t updated them for the changes that came with version 2 yet


just downloaded the trial version gona give it a shot …really want to cut a replica of the Banksy clock that was painted in New York and the rat would be a bit tough to handle in inkscape

Sound like a really cool project. I am curious how you will end up dealing with a gray scale in the piece.

I dropped it in to fusion quick. definitely a lot of ways to approach it.

Not a easy but a very interesting piece .

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not really a problem made this workstand out of an old swing set


think Im just going to try and smooth out the grey scale to all black and integrate the clock some how in the design then cut the white circle out of wood on my shapoko and put it all together

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There’s a few different image to SVG converting programs online where you can actually Target the colour tone.

The light gray and dark gray as one layer and then the black as another would be kind of cool

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I may lose some of the sharp detail due to having to smooth the drawing out but I definatley want it hanging on my shop wall …I also want to make a copy of his girl with balloon cut it and shred and curl the bottom


I just realize the picture I posted is not the same pose as the one from the clock.

this is the one

i will have to integrate his feet into the clock frame


so finally got the trial version downloaded did some work on it and yes it seems very intuitive …finished a design and went to save it…snagged…the trial version only lets you save it in its own format …so now the question is drop the 70 bucks or buy vcarve for my router machine first

Affinity products ‘save’ in their own format. To get something different, you need to EXPORT.

You can export to SVG, and others.

For SheetCam input, I recommend SVG format.


ok found it thanks