This freaking forum

OK, so I got my Pro. Set to building it, hit a few snags. Go to the forum to post my worst and, “Oh look, someone already had that issue and here’s the fix.”. Then I get set up with my first project, (of COURSE it’s a bottle opener). DARN! Torch isn’t firing! Go to the forum and there it is, " open the enclosure and check the relay". Thanks to everybody that has suffered before me. Danny and Mike? You guys rock too!


Thanks @keith1. The number one most important thing to us is that our customers are able to cut successfully and we are here to support as much as we can!


The forum was actually a factor in my purchase.


Admittedly we were less prolific than normal over the past 6 months because we had our heads down developing the PRO. Now our main objective is to support you guys. We truly want everyone here to be successful.


Don’t worry. I’ve broken things in ways people didn’t know they could be broken.

Reversed the knuckles on an 84 Toyota solid axle. didn’t know that was possible.

The likelihood that I will come upon some rare and stubborn error is very high.


Someone started a FB forum and thers a lot of complaints and issues brought up over there and I keep telling them its already been either fixed or addressed on this the real Forum.

lot of complaining on that forum and some good stuff.


Most of them are the same whiners that r on here.

Other than a couple of snags, what do you think of it so far? Are you happy about purchasing the pro?

Extremely. I’m in this just to have fun so a Crossfire seemed to be the perfect device for me. So far, it looks like I made the right choice. There have been some minor bumps and, between this forum, the Downs Crew, and groups on FB, everything is addressed and resolved almost immediately. My one ticket to Support was submitted on a Sunday afternoon with some hope that it might be looked at sometime in the next week. But, about an hour after I put it in, I had received a response putting me back on track. ( Note to the LANGMUIR Crew: I appreciate it, but you COULD go have a life. :grin:). I got everything set up over a weekend, stopping for the occasional cold beer, and produced the obligatory bottle opener from the tutorial by 8 pm. ( Followed immediately by the equally necessary “F-Bomb” opener from Fireshare). So far, it has been very enjoyable learning to operate the device along with the challenges of learning to draw and design simple objects. I will agree with everyone that Fusion 360 is overkill for what I am doing, ( and the Contour arrows are STILL random pieces of crap designed to frustrate me). I do most of my initial design in Inkscape and import the SVG into F360 to generate the code for FireControl. I am starting to explore Sheetcam and look forward to the upcoming FireCAM. All in all, it’s been great, even the wait for delivery gave me time to clean out the garage, run air lines and electricity, (not to mention the entertainment value in the Crossfire Pro Shipping topic). Let me know when yours is in place and cutting!


I am batch 2 and have received the plasma cutter and laptop stand. Just patiently waiting for the rest. :grimacing:

TJB…What is your order #? I’m 11856 and received my water table(box #3) on Monday. I received the plasma cutter some time in March, about the 23rd.

I’m Number 12078

It does look like I have a box that weighs 43 pounds on its way And should get it Thursday. I’m getting something. Woohoo

That is box #3. Water table and gussets. Mine came yesterday. Of course there is no hardware(nuts and bolts) so I can’t put the water table together.

At least we are getting closer. :grinning:

#12031 water table and gussets on their way. box 3 of 3, 43 lbs… :smile:
Rest of it shouldn’t be too far behind… Got me tingling with excitement, especially during these times. Got almost everything in place by catching clues from this Forum. It has been an awesome place to figure out what I need to get started and figuring out my first project, once assembled of course.
The response time on here seems to be pretty quick as well, from knowledgeable people. Thank you Langmuir for having this great support site in place. I too based part of my decision to buy of the Forum.

Keep up the good work… :+1:
Stay Safe :mask: