Third project off the table

It was my friends little girls first birthday party today. Decided to make them a monogram of their last name. Biggest project yet and it cut first try no problems. 16 gauge 22” high 30amps on my hypertherm45 at 120ipm.

Just uploaded the whole alphabet of letters to fileshare.


Looks great!! I’m not sure if I did something wrong when I downloaded them. But they are loading on fusion 360 huge. I mean the H I was using is measuring 797" x 888" give or take

Same here. They open as 899” across lol. All you have to do is rescale it. So if you want the part 20” across divide 20 by 899 gives you .02224 that is the number you put into the scale function .02224 and it should scale the part down to 20” across.


Looks great, can I ask - in the middle part of the I there is some wavyness on the font. Was that by design or was it an imperfection in the cut? The rest of the I looks like a straight cut.thnx

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The waviness is part of the design. I think there was another one at the bottom that I removed in case they wanted to sit it on a table top. Cut out perfect.

If you’re referring to the IRON font it was all straight cuts and they are perfectly straight too, rescaled the picture to post and it makes it look jagged.


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yes I was referring to directly under and above thr R & O. was just checking if it was design or because of the machine. thanks for posting!

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Nice job!

I’m doing a compilation video of what people have been able to accomplish with their Langmuir CNC. I’d like to send people to your Etsy Instagram FB or website as well if you have any of these.

Hey Youngfab, I love your work. I am just getting started and don’t really have a whole lot of time to sit down to learn this software. It would be great if you could send your file on this project.