Thinking of using Corel Draw and Sheetcam?

Hello All, Just got my Crossfire running with Mach3 and now deciding on CAD CAM programs. I come from a good background in Corel, using it for my laser and vinyl cutter. I also use V Carve pro for my shopbot. I am very competent at working with text and designing geometrical shapes in Corel.

My Question is, Will Corel Draw be able to do the CAD part accurately enough to make precise parts? I hate to learn fusion for just this machine. It Also looks like there are quite a few issues posted here with fusion although they maybe due to beginner learning curves. I also really like the looks of sheetcam to do the code, very straight forward. Any Advice is appreciated .

Yes. I use Corel for all my laser work so I often just save a DXF version and run it through Sheetcam to generate the G-Code for Mach 3. Corel is my “go to” design app simply because I’ve been using it forever. Inkscape & Fusion are more recent additions to my toolkit.

Fusion does do 3D modeling easier than the multilayer approximation approach if Corel or Inkscape. But if you’re doing flat pieces that’s not an issue.

Fusion does have some cool features for automatically calculating bend radius and such if you use the sheet metal design tooling. Nothing you can’t get around with other apps, just built-in with Fusion.

For a hobbyist or flat part maker already comfortable with Corel, there’s no reason not to go the route you’re thinking.

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