Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 51

Anyone know the kerf size for a cutmaster 51? I know its old but so am I

first…welcome to the forum…

what type of start it the plasma for your cutmaster…blowback or High Frequency?

next…kerf size is not determined by brand…
kerf is determined by tip size…output voltage/air…

I will tag George @mechanic416 for his input on this…he is the resident Guru…

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The kerf will all depend on what consumables you are using.

Make a few straight-line cuts and measure kerf width, it will be the most accurate kerf# for your setup.

This is the only thing that says about it in the manual on page 55.

X2 orifice diameter is what they’re saying you should expect.

So mostly based off of orifice diameter like @mechanic416 said.


Thank You guys