Thermal dynamics Cutmaster 38 - 1/2" plate cutting

Cut some 1/2" plate with my old TD 38.
I used to hate this cutter and we never used it

now i learned good power source and dry air is the key to make any decent cuts(or any cuts really )

im using harbor freight air dryer and old NAPA Vertical Air Compressor,
60 gallon capacity, 22V, 5HP motor

Anyway i cut engine mounts for mini excavator i’m re-powering
moving really slow 3 IPM feedrate and maxed out machine @30 Amp

design,test cut on thinner metal
and test fit

first 1/2" cut
bad consumables (bad bevel)
not enough pierce delay

second cut
i didnt know how to adjust pierce delay in mach 3 so i just hit stop buttom till arc was trough and pressed cycle start

minimal clean up with hammer

in place

view from bottom



Nice work. I also have the TD 38 that was my late fathers and has many miles on it as he built hot rods as a hobby. I have been running mine on 115v at 45 IPM, 28 amps and have noticed some great improvements in clean up time on the cross build up. I have been mainly cutting 14 Gauge. I am planning on upgrading the power as soon as I can. I was gaving a little bit of an issue with cut angularity but got it straightened out when I made some adjustments to the torch Holder assembly. I am gonna try to build some kind of a cut chart to try to find that happy medium. If there is info I can share with you I will surely keep you posted! Thanks for sharing

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i have a TD Cutmaster 39 been running with sl60 hand torch. have not got clean cuts but i need to replace my consumables.

I was using 30 IPM and got bad dross and a bent piece of metal not cut all the way through.

what are your cut settings?

sory for late reply

i have 38 not 39

i usually cut 1/8 plate at 45IPM or so
i always adjust the speed in mach 3 if something is wrong

good consumables and dry air is the key to decent cuts

also i run my machine on 220v never had good luck on 110V

hope this help

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Did you ever make the chart i to have a td38 and just bought a crossfire