Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 100

I have an older plasma cutter, the cutmaster 100(A Thermadyne company). My issue is when I turn my plasma cutter on, right after the 8 second warm up it has, it starts firing right away. Just when I have the torch wire plugged into the cnc computer. If I start a program in crossfire it’s just always on fire. Is there a setting somewhere in the program that I’m missing? I’ve tried every wire that comes out of the torch whip and there are only 2 that work, but there’s no control over it.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

although I do not knopw anything about the cutmaster…does it have a 2T 4 T switch?
if it does change the settings and try that

No T2/T4 switch to be found on it. It just has the amp knob, and purge toggle switch. hmm