Thermal dynamics cut master 80xl

Just got my plasma table set up. Did the break in and all.
Got my plasma cutter wired up(as I thought)
But soon as I plug it into the cutmaster computer box. The torch fires up and will not shut off.
I’ve rewired several times and same issue.
I even opened the torch handle up and traced the trigger wire and got same results.
It seems I’ll find the switch wire. Then once I turn the plasma cutter on. It all becomes positive on the cable end that plugs into the crossfire.
I know it’s an older plasma. But it cuts very well.

Any help be great.

I have a cutmaster 42, not too sure on how similar the torches are, I wired mine right into the torch itslef. I used a volt meter to check my connections with the computer end. If you stick the negative end on the torch pin and the positive end on the plug, or in the plug, you should be able to see if you have a good connection. If you have power when you touch both the inside or outside of the plug without changing the pin the negative end is touching, then you may have a break in your trigger wires somewhere along the way, which is most likey causing your torch to fire.

heres few pics of my machine and torch … the torch is not a one plug setup…
also … i dont have pic of inside my torch … but it has the trigger switch… then a switch at the end of the nozzle … so when you remove the nozzle , the torch cuts off…
i can locate the wiring for off and on … but once the machine comes on … everything has power on the wiring ???


Do you have a pic of how your torch plugs into your machine?

Pics above is the wiring where the torch plugs into the machine.
I’ll try get a better pics tomorrow.
Thanks for the response

I’ll get pics tomorrow. Dunno if this helps any. But I’ll post it too.

If you unhook / unplug the cable from Langmuir and turn your plasma cutter on does the torch fire? Or does it only fire if it is plugged into the table?

No. It doesn’t fire till I plug it into the crossfire box.
I did jump the plug going to the plasma cutter and it goes off and on as it should.
I’ve talked to Langmuir , we concluded that it maybe the relay in the crossfire box, after few test like continue continuity between the femal barrow and inner . They’re sending me a new relay wireharness.
Fingers crossed !

call ESAB:

Product Support Line:
1-800-ESAB-123 (1-800-372-2123)

I had an issue wiring and their technical team walked me through it no issues.

Highly recommend.

Im running Cutmaster 39 with a SL60 Torch.

I’ve been so busy working. Hadn’t had time to update.
Langmuir support contacted me and sent me free replacement parts. Apparently the relay in the system stuck opened.

Thanks Langmuir.