Thermal dynamics cut master 52 starting issues

Ok, I’ve had a crossfire gen 1 for a number of years now and loved it and every time I used it I would have to fire it manually with the trigger just to initiate a arc or else it wouldn’t pierce
So this year I bought the fire control upgrade and just got it set up and ready to go and after working out a few bugs time to get at it. First I was getting torch misfires so I increased and decreased pierce time, tried this and tried that and finally I got frustrated and increased the .8 pierce time by 210 % pulled the trigger to start a arc and hit the start and away it went. Just wondering if anybody else is having this issues. You can start it on manual with no problems at all it just when it running a programmed piece

Sheetcam has a Firecontrol post processor that has been modified to work with Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters. It adds 2.5 seconds to the first pierce delay.

Thank you, the problem seems that there is not much information on thermal dynamics units like they are a outcast. Have to see if I can change the first pierce in notepad.

I had a look at the revised post processor and the added time for first pierce is 2 seconds + programmed pierce delay.

Tried it today and gave it a 2.5 second start and after that 1.5 and it worked perfectly
Thanks for your help

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