The waiting begins

Just ordered the pro…
Great price on machine…
This is gonna be a great new adventure
for me…


Be prepared for delays in delivery and tersely answered emails.

I hope the product is worth it.

Order 16,xxx here…

are you saying they have poor customer service?

Most people here would tell you the exact opposite.


I cannot speak for others experience. Nor can I speak for customer service before now (but there are threads on both sides of the issue).

I am stating I ordered (and paid for) a product with the understanding it would be delivered in a specified time frame.

It was then extended by “4-6 weeks” in a blanket email.

When I emailed them a couple weeks later stating I was going to hire in extra help to clean, do yearly maintenance and move equipment for the plasma cutter and another grinder and would appreciate any updates with delivery…

I was tersely told to read the earlier email.

So yes my experience with customer service has been… underwhelming to say the least.

Perhaps yours has been different.

Over promising and under delivering is not a sustainable business model.

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Good points, just as ignoring potential effects of a world wide pandemic isn’t wise if you have to employ people to handle those ‘over promises’.


Thank you tom.

Note I did not set a date for those extra workers. Nor did I take anything of value from them in advance based on that promise.

Instead I simply asked for possible clarification.

Trying to equate that to the above situation of payment for product/delays/bad service is very distorted logic.

18xxx December shipping dates

I have a lot to learn beforehand…
and a lot to cut afterwards

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I also have same issue vonzep. Just some clarification on when the order is coming or anything. Pandemic or not you should keep customers in the loop not just a plain email saying it 4to6 week delay. No everyone has the overhead to to just let 3k hanging in the air. I’m a small business that is losing out on lots of income from this delay. Some kind of response from the manufacturer would be great.

Zook. We share the same issues and concerns.

I was donating 3 new signs to the local volunteer fire department as a thank you and one to a local PD. Of course those were donations and no lost income… But I had 2 businesses I could have done 6 signs for. I let them know I have no legitimate ETA and recommended they try somewhere else.

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Just FYI , in a recent response to a second request, they said they intended to ship early October when missing parts arrived, they’ve updated the ETA for my order to late October. Order #16xxx.

Fingers crossed…

I was told late October early November. I about to just get my money back. And buy a different table this is ridiculous. They should offer a discount for waiting so long.



Just want it when promised. I agreed to pay
Langmuir with the understanding I would receive the paid for goods in September. Langmuirr accepted payment (actually many payments) and agreed to those terms. (With many people)

The burden and responsibilities are theirs to deliver as promised.

I just have this quaint notion that when you promise somebody something you keep that promise …period …when you take somebody’s money on a promise you damn sure keep that promise.

Different ideology I guess.

I agree 100% that’s how I run my company. If I cant deliver on what I’ve sold I make it right. Using covid is bs. I will be asking for a return on my payment if not shipped by the end of October. I will also be letting everyone on Facebook Instagram etc about the service me and many have experienced.

Yawn. Go elsewhere if you want a sympathetic ear. We all waited for our tables, and experienced delays.


Did you have a 4 to 6 week delay also. Plus another 2 weeks for shipping . Thats not how you run a company I hope you don’t run your company that way brownfox. Dont promise a product and then delay it. As a company they should know how many they can make and ship out on time. Don’t over sell because your greedy. There website still is miss leading new orders ship out December. I’m not ask for people to feel bad but instead in voicing my concerns so other don’t get fucked. So Brownfox mind your own business.

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I get it now…I didn’t realize I had to go through a hazing ritual to buy a plasma cutter!

The argument that “I have suffered so you should suffer too”. Is not an argument, it is a justification for the lack of human empathy and a refusal to hold people or businesses accountable for broken promises or at worst outright deceit.

I was under the impression zookswelding and my comments were straightforward and factual in their basis. The statements being that a business should honor its promises (if you pay me now I will ship you the goods in 4 weeks)… Or at the barest minimum actually keep the customers informed of unexpected (or in this case it appears ongoing, continuous and perpetual expected) delays.

Unfortunately it appears some forum members wish to make this personal based off emotional attachment to some ambiguous desire for others experience the same disappointments they have had to endure.

To the OP zx24, I think we can all agree we look forward to getting our tables BUT we should temper our expectations of receiving the products in the time quoted by the seller, for my part, I am sorry your post has devolved into personal attacks.

I would prefer you start another post with yours and others frustrations.
At this time i remain optimistic about my order delivery schedule…I may feel the same as you and many others if my order is delayed…But at this time, im going to use this time to practice cad and cam software…