The New Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40

Hello! I am new to Plasma CNC. I have purchased the new Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 40 design for hand cutting it is the successor of the Cutmaster 42. I am in-need of help with wring this plasma cutter for the Crossfire Pro with THC as there is no service manual available with schematics from Thermal Dynamics as of yet. The unit is still in box and have yet to fire it. I am hoping others have purchased it and can give guidance. Where would one find the hookup points for wiring Raw Arc Voltage for THC and the SL60 1Torch ie. Hand? Any and all help and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

The first thing you need to do is get it out of the box and do some hand cutting to make sure it works Ok. I don’t mean a few inches, I mean 15 to 20 feet of cutting all sizes of steel and aluminum. Also you do know once you open it up you may void your warranty.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes! true about the warranty, I believe this would be so with most hand cutters converting to mechanized. That’s why I am hoping to locate the necessary hookup information for its primary use. I purchased the unit as a new release promo and have the option to return the unit if unused. I am willing to take a chance voiding the warranty if I can surely set it up for CNC with THC. Also would be nice as another resource for others.

There is always a way to connect a plasma it’s just not always neat and tidy. My guess is that firing control should be relatively easy you just need to find the 2 pins inside the plasma housing that are the switch. Then put a tee off of those to get your torch control. All it’s doing is closing the switch just like the trigger is.

As for THC that will be trickier and you really will need to know about the inside of the machine and what wires go where. Have you tried contacting their service center? On a previous cutter I wanted to make it work on a cnc and the service guys were kind enough to send pictures of what wires did what inside and basically what I would need to do for torch fire etc.


Hello! and thanks for responding. I have contacted Thermal Dynamics Tech Support and spoke with a couple of head personnel twice, months apart, and got the same response. " They don’t have any technical information or an inservice manual on this unit and not sure when. And the unit wasn’t designed for CNC application because of its low amperage". It was implied they haven’t opened up one for themselves, due to no service manual and it being new out in the field. Thank you for the input on wiring in the Torch. I myself am not comfortable opening and experimenting without some technical guidance. Hopefully, someone has opened one up for the same purpose.

If that really is the case then I would suggest you send it back and get with Langmuir and try the razor weld 45 that is designed to be plug an play.

No matter what you will have soldering or cable splicing with any unit that is not designed for cnc and depending upon the unit you still may have to do that to get it to the right connector etc. to get into your LS cnc.

I am not sure how cheap you were able to get this but if tearing into stuff isn’t your thing I would just get one from LS.


Here is the owners manual

And it shows it can be used for CNC cutting and has wiring diagrams.


Sorry if my comment is misleading. I am comfortable with soldering just not to comfortable trying to figure out where to solder on my own.

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Thank you for trying with the 2009 40mm Cutmaster service manual. I will look at it, but am not too sure if it will apply to the new 2019 Cutmaster 40. Thanks again.

TD Cutmaster 40

I totally get that, that is why my question is more of why not get the one provided by the provider of the CNC you are purchasing? It will make it as simple as possible.

I know that even between years of say Harbor Fright or lotos plasma cutters the inside may change slightly enough that you should still be doing your due diligence and verifying everything before cutting/splicing etc.

Sorry about that, looked up the wrong plasma cutter.

Now all SL60 torch’s has the same pin out so that shouldn’t be a problem. Arc voltage for the torch height control comes from the negative ( torch power wire) and positive (work clamp) that shouldn’t be to hard to find.

Yes I did give Razor weld 45 some thought because of ease of plug and play. I even called them! As I am located in Canada and any service/warranty from them would be difficult and costly in shipping. Our HF equivalent in Canada is called Princess Auto, Razor Weld supplies them with their PROCUT 45 manual plasma cutter. And once again would need returning to the US for service. So I chose TD because of price point, local support, consumables and all my other units are Thermal Arc & Dynamics. I may have to return this unit for another but I would like to persevere. Thanks again.

Hmmm That is quite a conundrum.

I would still say personally I would find a plasma cutter that is more designed for CNC so that you don’t have to put your own connections in. I have done it and its not always the most fun experience.

I have absolutely no clue how well this would work but even these Chinese ones have cnc connections.

No trouble about the wrong manual.
Yes when I spoke with TD Tech Support they did say SL60 or SL100 torches would have the same pin-out positions so nothing needs moving. The Arc Voltage would be the main challenge. Are you suggesting with a multimeter I follow the Power Wire and Work Clamp back to their respective boards and solder? Or splice at a point into these wires with any respective plugs at their end? Would this be the safest way to approach it? That being said I would still welcome anyone with illustration/diagram.
Thank you again.

I certainly understand! That would be my next option, I would have to go much deeper into the pocket. Here in Calgary Albert Canada the main choices with cpc ports are Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics. I am not sure about the lower cost Asian models.

Everlast Canada has the 52i and 62i both are CNC ready.


Thank you!
I’ll consider the Everlast brand aswell.

@Coyote did you get it figured out?