The new Crossfire Guides in PDF format?

I’d like it if the new CrossFire Pro guides that I received an email about this weekend were made available in PDF format. Is this possible?


Just print it from your browser. If you’ve got Win10 you should have the option to print to PDF. Otherwise just download CutePDF and use that as the print driver - it will create a PDF for you. (It’s a free download.)

There is a ‘print PDF’ button on the site, but we hid it from view because we don’t want people printing it yet in case we want to make some last minute changes. It will be printable once the last boxes start to reach customers.

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Thanks for letting me know. I cannot read well from a computer screen.

Is the pdf button going to be available soon?

Minnesota Eric, have you ran the clear type tool on your computer? It really makes a difference in how easy the screen looks.