The Crossfire Pro is awesome!

I just cut my first couple of items on my new Crossfire Pro.
Awesome is just about the only way to describe this table in new software. Nice Job Langmuir Systems! :fist_left:


Congrates! Do you have any pictures to share?

Yes I do. Not sure how to post them.

Very nice. Mind sharing what plasma cutter you are using. Items looked like they cleaned up great.

Thank you. I am using a razor cut 45. The only thing that I have not figured out is how to make a test run of my G Code with out running the plasma. If you disconnect the plasma on and off cable. Using the new software, it will abort the run after the first time the torch touches the metal. I was amazed how good the Fire post software works. Good luck to you. Thank you for your questions.

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take to set up the table when you got it? I am waiting on mine to be delivered and can’t wait!!!

Good morning, I took my time. As for as many hours it took… it took me about 16 hours over a 3 day period. I had to stop for the two year old we have every now and then. Also. I went back to re-read the instructions many times. Just take your time. Good luck to you. :raising_hand_man:t2::fist_left:

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I received mine about a week ago last Friday and built it over the weekend. I was cutting metal by Sunday afternoon. I would say the 16 hour number is about right. The Tech writing is GREAT. The packaging of the kit and the numbered bags is perfect.

When I opened box 2 with all the screws and bolts I figure it was going to be a nightmare. I was very wrong. It was a very logical and clear process working through the assembly and the documentation is clear and concise.

Hats off to the Engineering, Packaging and Tech writing teams.

The only complaint was from the UPS driver when he delivered the box with the table members. He was straining pretty good and he thought it was a bit overweight for one driver, but I helped him and it there was no problem.