“ The best software “ is one you are comfortable learning

People keep asking what is the best 2D software…??
What ever you are willing to take the time to learn is best for you…
Nothing is going to jump out at you and do the work for you…
My 2 cents , try fusion, download all the demos and free versions of other Cad programs, try them all out …
After you try them you will learn what features you like and if it is worth paying for.
You don’t need Solidworks at $6000 to make a key ring but if you are comfortable using it , more power to you.
I know people that are experts in fusion, just as well as FreeCad… they are two different ways of doing the same thing …

At the end of the day you are making a 2D line drawing…

There will be a learning curve on everything until you learn it
Autocad for machine parts
Inkscape for artsy stuff
Sheetcam to generate G-code

Just my 2 Cents


… And that’s it in a nutshell !!

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In this shop:
Autocad 2007 for most 2D stuff
Inkscape for artsy stuff
Sheetcam to generate G-code for the plasma
Solid Works 2010 for 3D Modeling and for 3D print design
Cura for 3D Printer
Lightburn for the Laser Engraver

Autocad 2018
Betty Crocker’s recipies for Easy-bake ovens
Social interaction for dummies


Scotches from around the world


A cultured man for sure!

I like toolboy’s way of thinking! Here’s an Attaboy for toolboy!!! Attaboy!!!

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My sisters had Easy Bake ovens. They were quite upset when the Chocolate Cake mixes mysteriously disappeared. Must have been the dog.

Who was chained to a tree outside…

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As soon as i read that I seen a vision of a couple girls , One holding an empty chocolate cake mix box staring in disbeleif. The other Pointing at you while your pointing out the window at the dog as you wipe chocolate cake off your chin.

Oh no. I was much more discreet than that! Frankly, Easy Bake oven chocolate cakes sucked.

Eating the cakes your sisters wanted to bake for Mama and Papa on the other hand, had a flavor all their own! :yum:

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Made me laugh none the less. I needed a good laugh, Been one of those weeks.

Yeah, I hear ya. But, on the bright side, you can think about Spring Cleaning the 1200 sq ft of shop space you have! :wink:

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Actually started last weekend. Got about half of a shop now to use. Well after I get the kids car outa there.

Solid works 2021 and sheetcam for me.

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