The addition of viewing or going back to the posts that you have viewed

Would like to see or go back to the posts I’ve viewed in the past. Would help people that are trying to help people with issues to find what post they followed and what worked for them.

Kind of like a history.

Click on your icon in the upper right hand corner,
Click on the ‘gear’ (it says preferences, but it’s more than that).
Click on Activity Tab.
Select All…

Your wish is their command :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tom…the new Wish Fairey…

That shows the ones that I commented on but not all the ones I’ve viewed…but thanks I learned something new today.

You wish!
Happy New Year :slightly_smiling_face:

Alex, you should be able to BOOKMARK the ones you’d like to be able to go back to… I have quite a few myself… Right at the bottom of each thread… Maybe this works for you?

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I book marked a couple and now I do not know how to find them anyway. Just a rookie!

Never mind! I found it!

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