THC test program

Just got my xr up and running. Is there a test I can perform on the THC to make sure it is functioning? I’ll be asking a lot of dumb questions like this. A 60 year old with a new computer toy is a bad mix.


welcome we are glad to have you here. to test that the thc works you need to make sure it registers voltage when the torch fires. then when making cuts notice to see if it raises and lowers the torch. There is also a short test to run in fifecontrol. On the left side of the screen you will see thc control and a test button.

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I saw the test button on the screen, I thought that was just to fire the torch. I also jogged the height and it goes hard stop up and down, is this normal? I would think it would stop before jambing. I haven’t made a cut yet.

there is also a button to fire the torch as well. the test button will ask you to do a series of tests to confirm it is working correctly. as far as raising and lowering the z axis unless you have limit switches on it will bottom out and hit the top as well.

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I’ll put a plate on there and try it first. Save a lot of trouble shooting if it works. thanks for the reply.

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