THC Program Question

pro is built and running. I drew a simple circle in qcad exported it as a dxf. imported it into sheet cam. post processed it . Software and versions are up to date. I get an error in line 20. Line 20 is
M63P4 (THC INHIBITED, AD2). I removed this line and the one following tha said thc allowed
the program was able to run in dry run. I would like to see an program of a small circle using thc to see how the thc is programed. I have looked through come shared programs but not seeing any consistency in the thc programming.

here is the post processed file. I still get a no programed speed found.
I am hoping someone can show me a small circle program to compare.
Thanks in advance

G90 G94
G20 (Units: Inches)
G0 X2.4315 Y2.5673

G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.02 (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
G4 P2.4
G1 Z0.06 F100.0 (Cut Height)
G1 F200.0
M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
G3 X2.4315 Y2.4315 I0.0679 J-0.0679
M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
G2 X2.8529 Y1.4142 I-1.0173 J-1.0173
G2 X1.4142 Y-0.0245 I-1.4387 J0.0
G2 X-0.0245 Y1.4142 I0.0 J1.4387
G2 X1.4142 Y2.8529 I1.4387 J0.0
G2 X2.4315 Y2.4315 I-0.0 J-1.4387
G0 Z2.0
G0 Z2.0

You seem to have some additional settings/plugins set in SheetCAM. The post processor will handle all H1/H0 commands necessary for enabling and disabling THC and the PS value comment necessary for determining THC program speed.

Here is your program with the M63/M64 commands and additional retract move removed. (460 Bytes)

Make sure the PS comment is on the absolute last line of the program, no trailing whitespace.

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Thank you.
I’ll take a look at settings again.

I recently helped another member who was getting errors every time he tried to run a program and found that he had also inserted a “path rule” or “code snippet” to turn off the THC in Sheetcam.

Firecontrol does not recognize those external THC commands and doesn’t know what to do with them, so it will throw an error.

Firecontrol automatically turns off the THC when the torch speed drops below a pre-set percentage of the program speed. The default is 85% of the program speed and most holes will cause the speed to drop below that threshold. You can add “path rules” in Sheetcam to slow down to a lower speed for holes of a certain size, if you want to be sure that the THC is turned off for the holes.

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