THC, Pierce and Cut Height, Material Thickness

Should I be entering in my material thickness with THC into Sheetcam? My G-Code is stacking (adding) the desired pierce height and material thickness together. Same with cut height.

I feel like this is setting the parameters too high by the amount of the material thickness.

If I “0” out the material thickness the pierce and cut height ms would match the tool settings.

I was under the impression that the material thickness under the Options>Job options>Thickness of materials was for Rotary cutting (milling/routing) operations and not used by the Jet cutting (plasma/laser/water jet).

I am very new to all this and could be totally wrong, if so I would like to know what the correct settings are as well.

No you don’t need to for plasma. You set the Z zero to be the top of work, then all the thickness adjustments are done with travel speed and amperage.

Doesn’t matter what you put in there for material thickness as long as the Z is set to top of work. Based on your description, you probably have z zero set to top of table.