THC Not detected on Fireshare

I am hoping somebody has a solution for me on my software not being able to detect the THC. I have had this table set up for awhile now and I haven’t run it yet.
I am really hoping to get this machine working. I have been trouble shooting with @langmuir-aksel and I thought I’d see if anyone here has had this issue.

I verified that it is all hooked up correctly in the VIM box, and it is. The red THC chip LED light is coming on, but on the pull-down menu in Firecontrol it only gives me LS-THC ()
I went through the THC troubleshooting chart and unable to figure it out?

I got to:

Perform THC Health Check by
clicking the Red TEST button in the
THC Control panel of FireControl.
Make sure that your plasma cutter
work clamp is connected to the slat
bed before proceeding.

I am unable to press the red test button because it is not detecting the THC in Firecontrol.

Like I said above he pulldown for height control just says:


On the electronics board, the LED one and and LED two are flashing yellow while Fire Control is running, I am not sure if they are supposed to do that?

I uninstalled and reinstalled Fire Control and verified that the red THC chip is inserted properly.

I am crossing my fingers that it’s an easy fix and you guys have an answer. Thanks for your time.

Did you try manually installing the THC driver from the downloads section?

I did and it told me that the driver was already installed. I will do that again and screenshot what it says.

Thanks for your input. It’s been a little disheartening not having this up and running. I want to get motivated on it and start cutting.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it.
It’s still not detecting the THC.

Ok. You’re going to have to work with Langmuir support for that.

Just so you know, that connection is solely between the computer and the THC module through the USB cable. The rest of the wiring has nothing to do with that connection.

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You might check the physical USB plug connection on the motion board. There have been several cases where that receptacle is up against the hole in the enclosure front panel which many believe could cause grounding issues. There was even one case recently where the receptacle came completely loose from the board. If it is against the opening, then the act of tightening the board down in the enclosure could put enough pressure on the receptacle to lift it off of the motion control board.

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That is what Aksel said. I didn’t realize that until after I had asked for a new VIM box.
The LED light for the THC chip is on - the software is just not detecting it I guess? Anyway, I appreciate your input and hopefully I can get this figured out sooner than later.

I will double check that. Everything else works fine within the software as far as dry runs with gcode or the break-in run?

If everything else is working then the USB connection is a low probability cause, but still worth checking. You have verified that the THC chip was oriented correctly when installed? I’m not sure if the led would light if it was installed upside down or not.

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Yeah, the THC switch is installed correctly. They said light could still come on if not installed right.

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Well, all things considered, my guess is either a bad motion control board, bad THC chip, or software issues. At this point I feel it’s up to Langmuir, I’m sure they’ll get you straightened out, they’re pretty good at that.