THC No live voltage to LS-THC module

I received my crossfire XR about a month ago and I’m running a Hypertherm powermax 85 sync. I got it all set up and everything seems to work manually just fine. One problem I am having is no live voltage for THC. I have the plug and play cable it came with and as far as I know, thats all i need. I have it hooked up to the back port on the hypertherm, the short cable comimg from it goes to the THC controller DIV input and then the DIV output goes to THC electronics enclosure. The long cable go’s to torch on and off on the back of the electronics enclosure. When I go to run the program that checks all that, it runs and then pops up a message that says, "Not receiving live voltage signal from the plasma to the LS-THC module. I looked at the trouble shooting guide and it talk about the 3 different machines and I’m not sure it pertains to me because I have the plug and play cord. Also I have no lights coming on when I fire or move the torch on the Z axis cover. Also when I open fire control, it says my graphics card is out of date and I need to download the new version ( Everything is new) so when I go to download it, it say i already have that version downloaded and I will need to delete it before it can download it again, I have done all that a couple of times. So I’m over here trying to figure out where I am (I’m lost most of the time) and what my next move is! I know this is a lot but I appreciate all the help I can get! thank you!

The resting voltage is supposed to be zero. It should only show voltage when the torch is firing.

You are correct, my apologies, it is the live voltage I am missing. It says "Not receiving live voltage from plasma to the LS-THC module.

Is the THC showing as connected on the top bar of Firecontrol?

Have you confirmed that the THC module is properly seated on the control board?

The THC is showing as connected on the top bar of fire control. as far as the THC module properly seated on the control board. I assume you are talking about opening the electronics enclosure and checking the module. i have not done that yet because its my understanding with the plug and play connections you dont need to open it up but if you think that could be an issue, I will open it up and check.

If it’s showing as connected, it should be fine.

Does the torch fire when you hit the manual torch fire button?

What is your pierce delay in the program you’re trying to run?

The delays in the Hypertherm charts are too short to work with Langmuir tables. You need to add between .3 and .5 seconds to the delay in the Hypertherm chart.

This is due to the way the delay is measured. Hypertherm measures from when the torch actually fires. Firecontrol measure from when the signal to fire the torch is given.

I haven’t run anything per say yet, im still getting set up but one thing i did do was uninstall FC and then reinstalled it and it seem to fix that issue but i still have the warning thay my graphics are out of day and a link to download new graphics but when i do that it trys to download FC again but wont and tells me I already have the newest version, you by chance know anything about that?

There are two versions of Firecontrol. The standard and a compatibility version for older graphics cards.

If your computer can’t run the standard version, you need to use the compatibility version. They both do the same things, but the compatibility version has some changes that make it compatible with older graphics cards.

Ok, if its a new system from langmuir could it possibly still run the old graphics? Im a little confused why a new sysyten wouldn’t come already for the new version of FC?

Contact @langmuir-cameron on Monday. You get phone support with the XR machine.

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