THC live voltage test

Hey guys. I’m back again with another question. I have been getting bevel on my cuts. Wide at the top narrow at the bottom. Which I believe would mean my torch is to high. I am using a hypertherm 85 sync. I do the live voltage test with my ground clamp on a sheet of metal on the table and it reads the average voltage between 6-8v. I do it again with the clamp off the metal and it averages below 6v. Do you think this can cause my bevel problem?

How is your voltage input module or vim hooked up? This feels like the source of the issue.

Div input to div output?

You’ll definitely not get it correct cutting height with your THC not operating correctly.

I would have to look it up in the charts but your nominal voltage would be running anywhere from 68 to 150 volts using the sync.

I have an adapter and I run Sync consumables on my PowerMax 85

Aluminum or steel or both?

Div Input to Div output. On the side of the plasma power unit.

Nominal voltage for 16g is set 94 I believe. Which is what I’m cutting the most right now

I have not tried to cut aluminum yet.