THC little box loose connection

Ok so I am fairly new but I have already been using my Crossfire XR for about a month. I have cut almost 100 items out. I use 16g mostly. Anyways, today I started to cut out an item and halfway thru the arc just stayed on and torch didn’t move. I changed all the tip parts on my Hypertherm 45xp (all Hypertherm parts) and the torch fired and stayed in one spot again. I changed tip parts again and still nothing. I started the THC test and found that my voltage was really high like over 50v. I checked ground clamp and all that was good. Long story short I dialed it all down to that little black THC box. I have the Hypertherm that has that special plug so it is all plug n play. Anyways, when I wiggle the one wire coming into that THC box from the plasma and that THC wire that goes to the main box on the table the voltage goes back to 0. So I know the ports are loose on that little black box. How do I fix that? Any help would be appreciated. I already contacted Lagmuir but waiting on a reply.

In meantime you can just run without THC by shutting off in firecontrol or when you create gcode if using fusion. No help on issue but making sure you’re aware of this ability.

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Don’t open up that little box. Langmuir has some warning about voiding the warrantee. I believe it is something to do with proprietary design or something. Those plugs are fairly simple. there is usually a spring tab that helps to make a connection with the male part. It could be as simple as getting a fine hook type tool and bend the tab so it will contact the barrel connector.

You are talking about the VIM box, right?

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